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We are have over 10 offices across the united states but if you need to get in contact with our 24 hour USA headquarters or you need to reserve a last minute dwarf tossing event please email us or submit the quote and question form below and one of our operators will get back to within 1 hour or less by email or text ( Thank You For Your Business )
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When Should I Order ? Atleast a few weeks in advance because our midgets get booked up pretty fast especially if your event is on the weekend or holiday.

How Do I Select My Dwarf ? Our office will text and email dwarf photos 24 hours a day if our potential client requests them.

Do You Service My Area ? Yes! Just let us know the city or zip code and we can give you rates, information, and pictures of our little people.

How Many Costumes Do You Have ? We have over 200 costumes, acts, and a full wardobe but if we do not have your costume in our closet we will make it or the client can also provide it.

Do You Provide Tossing Gear ? Yes! We all provide safety helmet, tossing vest, wardobe, props, landing gear, and license and insurance with absolutely no hidden fees.

Do You Provide Other Dwarf Services ? Yes! We also offer dwarf entertainers, performers, strippers, wrestlers, bartenders, impersonators, hosts, actors, servers, exotic dancers, and pranksters.

How Do I Pay Deposit ? We always take a small deposit when we are booking your event and its ready to be finalized with Cash App. Zelle, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, Or Credit Card.

How Do I Pay My Balance ? All clients can pay our midgets the balance on arrival with Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, Paypal, Or Cash.

Is My Deposit Refundable ? All Deposits Are Non Refundable If Client Cancels But Can Be Transferred To Any Future Show That Never Expires.

What If We Want To Do Less Than The Time Offered ? You can do less time but please remember our dwarves have a minimium that is a set rate.

Do We Have To Dwarf Toss The Entire Time ? No! You can have your midget being tossed for a while and the remaining time they can entertain, perform, strip, wrestle, bartend, impersonate, hosts, act, serve drinks, socialize, or prank.

Can We Do Less Time Than Whats Offered ? Yes! You can definitely do less time or even a telegram but please remember the rate is still the same because thats our dwarves minimum.

Do I Ever Get In Contact With Our Dwarf ? Yes! After deposit has been paid we schedule your midget to contact you 24 hours before your event to confirm details " but sometimes we can put you in contact with your little person weeks before if travel or special attire needs to be planned.

How Long Is Our Quote Good For ? When we give a client a quote it is good from 24 to 72 hours because traveling costs and scheduling change so fast as we get closer to your party date.

What Areas Do You Service ? We are local to your city but we do service the entire USA and on some occasions we have even sent our dwarfs by flight to international events.

Do We Have To Tip The Little Person ? Please remember that tipping is not mandatory by our company but very appreciated by our dwarves that work for us.

How Does Payment Work When My Dwarf Has To Book A Flight ? Once you make a reservation and pay the deposit the dwarf scheduled will confirm details with the client and before he or she arrives they might contact client to pay for thier flight, uber, or travel but don’t worry it’s deducted from the balance that you owe with no hidden fees

Do You Guarantee A Specific Dwarf ? We guarantee you a male or female dwarf in selected attire but we never guarantee a specific dwarf, please understand this is a special kind service and availability is limited.

What If Client Doesn't Pay Deposit Within 24 Hours After Reservation is Made ? Please remember that if client does not pay deposit within 24 hours after making their reservation we will not gaurantee the time, dwarf, or attire. Please pay deposit within 24 hours after you make your reservation to avoid this.

What If Client Reserves Last Minute or Same Day? We will try our hardest to meet customers request but client must give us 2 to 3 hours of arrival time that was selected by the customer on their reservation.

What If Client is Hard To Deal With, Disrespectful, or Complicated ? We have the right to refuse business and block anyone we feel uncomfortable doing business with.



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