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About Us : Manhattan is the most populated city in NYC and let me tell you that its also the funnest because our clients who order midget tossing cordinate huge events with over 100 guests and its amazing to work with them from beginning to end.We also do alot of night clubs and college parties during the weekends so we are very experienced.For more information please click here to contact our local office
Local Rates & Packages : Our rates start off at $400 & up depending on city, event, and zip code ( Click Here For A Quote )
Manhattan Coverage Area : New York City - Manhattan - NYC - Brooklyn - Queens - Newark - The Bronx - New Jersey - Yonkers - Rochester - Cilfton - Paterson - Huntington - Union - Edgewater - Buffalo - Albany - Syracuse - Niagra Falls - & All of New York


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Tossing Agency in Manhattan

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