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We Are Number One : We started off with a plan to be a small company because we love what we do but we never thought years later we would expand all the way to canada and open up our first location in toronto. Our local office can contract dwarf tossing for you and any type of party or event you are planning and we only will contract experienced midgets because it does take talent to be thrown or trossed on our landing gear or pool of water.
This Years Rates : Our deals start off at $400 & up depending on city, type of party, and zip code ( Please Contract In Advance If Event Date is a Holiday or Weekend )
We Deliver 24 Hours :
Toronto - Montreal - Vancouver - Ottawa - Ontario - Quebec - Calgary - Edmonton - Victoria - Winnipeg - Halifax Regional Municipality - Hamilton - Saskatoon - St. Johns - Regina - Banff - London - Michigan - Buffalo - Detroit - New York - Maine - Vermont - New Hampshire - Wisconsin - And All Canada


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Tossing Agency in Toronto

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